The Flackwell Heath Community Speed Watch (CSW) is a newly formed team of six residents participating in a nationwide Community Speedwatch programme supported by the Police. The group run Speed Watch sessions at multiple locations across the village using a speed camera to report speeding drivers to the Police.

If you are concerned about speeding in the village and would like to make a difference in our community then please contact us via to join this group. Daytime sessions can run anytime during the week to suit your needs. It’s free to join, open to all over 18 and can be as little as one hour per month. You will be provided with training to use the equipment and operate a session safely. The Community Speed Watch team needs new members to help increase the coverage and frequency of speed checks in the village. 

The Flackwell Heath CSW received a Community Grant from FHRA to provide equipment so that new joiners do not have to buy their own equipment when they join. It is therefore free to join but also no cost to new members to participate as all equipment required will be provided. The FHRA Community Grant provided High Visibility Jackets along with a Counter to track traffic volume, an SD card and SD card USB Reader to record speeding motorists. It also provided a mobile CSW sign to advise motorists that CSW is in operation in the village. 

FHRA Community Grant is also contributing to permanent Community Speed Watch signs to be added to the existing village signs by the Parish Council to inform all drivers that the scheme is active in Flackwell Heath.
Please join us to reduce speeding in Flackwell Heath. Contact

Further information on the scheme is available on their website here: